Vilnius Dance Festival 2020

Pro Am Important Info

• Deadline for entries is 18 of May, 2020. 

• Please note that a 100 Euro late fee per person will be charged after the deadline.
• Shortly after we receive your information, we will send you an invoice/confirmation with payment options. Please check this closely for spelling, correct entries, and correct charges and let us know immediately if we need to make changes. Please be advised that at the competition we may not have the time to make changes or take additional entries.
• The organizer cannot be held responsible for any personal charges made to the hotel. All participants must pay for their own personal charges including phone and room service.
• Upon arrival, Pro Am dancers should come to the reception of the venue hotel „Vilnius Grand Resort" and pick up the packages with your names.
• Please be advised that the time in the schedule listed is approximate and subject to change.
• Each competitor should be present in the ballroom at least 30 minutes prior to his/her scheduled dance time. When you receive your heat sheet, please check and make sure your dances, levels, and ages are correct. We need to be made aware of any mistakes as soon as possible.
• Student has to enter 4 single dances per Scholarship. Scholarship Prize Money is halved if event has 3 entries or less
• All the rights for video, TV and live streaming commercial use belongs to Vilnius Dance Festival. Photo and video material taken at the Vilnius Dance Festival may be used for commercial purposes. Participants and audience by registering for the competition or purchasing the tickets accept these terms.

SPECIAL DEALS FOR STUDIOS: Studios entering 3 or more teachers with students will receive discount on the packages and 10% discount on all entry fees and tickets. The discount is going to be applied after we receive the information from the studio. Then we will send invoice/confirmation with payment options.

AGE CATEGORIES: All students may enter in two age categories. Their true age division and one lower.

SYLLABUS: Material used in closed competition should be based on the current NDCA, Fred Astaire, Arthur Murray, or equivalent American step list and the ISTD or IDTA Syllabus for International style. Open divisions are not material restricted. Closed One Dance Division - Restricted To Syllabus.

DANCE LEVEL CATEGORIES: The students level is determined by the single dances entered. A student may only dance up in level, never down. That means if you enter Full Gold (or Beginner or Intermediate Gold) in single dances you can only dance in Gold level Multi Dances. You still have a choice between Open or Closed. Scholarships are Open and not restricted by the level entered in single or multi dances.

Newcomer Bronze- Less than 50 private lessons.
Beginner-Bronze - Beginning Bronze material Intermediate.
Intermediate Bronze - Intermediate up to Final Bronze.
Full Bronze - Final or completion of Bronze.
Beginner Silver - Beginning Silver material.
Intermediate Silver - Intermediate up to Final Silver.
Full Silver - Final or completion of Silver.
Beginner Silver - Final or completion of Silver.
Beginner Gold - Beginning gold material.
Intermediate Gold - Intermediate up to Final Gold.
Full Gold - Final or completion of Gold.
Open One Dance Division - Not Restricted to Syllabus Open Bronze Open Silver Open Gold Open divisions may incorporate figures from the next higher level (e.g. Open Bronze may have Silver figures). Students may enter at any level of dance and only THREE higher in any one style of dance (American/International) in the closed single dance categories. Students may enter in completely different dance levels in the American Style between Smooth and Rhythm and in the International Style between Ballroom and Latin-American.

RESTRICTED CATEGORIES: A panel of invigilators may be used for all restricted categories/closed divisions. The categories will be strictly supervised and competitors committing infractions may be disqualified

LIMITS: There is no limit on student entries in Open or Closed Freestyle Divisions. No teacher will be permitted to compete with one of his/her students against another of his/her students - it is not possible to compete in the same heat with two people! In any category with three entries or less, the organizer reserves the right to eliminate the age and sex divisions and merge competitors into one category. 

DRESS CODE: Evening wear is suggested for Newcomers. Beginning and above levels are open for ball gowns, Latin dresses or matching costumes, but are not mandatory. 

SOLOS/SHOWCASES are limited to 3 minutes. Music must be on an individual CD or USB drive. Critique Sheets will be given on Solo Showcases only.

VOUCHERS: Vilnius Dance Festival issued Vouchers have to be sent with entries. Only one Voucher per person is accepted. 

ADJUDICATING: You have the option of being judged Contested or Uncontested. Contested entries: Are marked against other dancers in your category. Uncontested Entries: Are scored against the standard of the level, in which you are entered, the score is then converted to a 1st, 2nd or 3rd placement. Please send us email with your entry form, if you wish to be judged uncontested. If you wish to be judged in contested events, just send your entry. There's no need to notify us by e-mail that you wish to be contested. The decision of the judges shall be final. Our judges are highly qualified and are not to be harassed or questioned about their reasons for markings. The Chairman of Judges shall be responsible for decisions concerning ties or any problems arising over marks. The skating system of judging shall be used.

ON DECK AREA: Dancers are required to be in the "On Deck" area two heats prior to their scheduled heat. Any competitor not on the floor when the Master of Ceremonies calls, is subject to disqualification for that heat. Please be advised that changes may be made from the original program and all dancers should be in the ballroom at least 30 minutes prior to the time they are scheduled to dance.

CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS: The deadline for cancellation refunds is three weeks prior to the event. If the organizers are notified after the deadline, credit towards next year will be considered only in case of an emergency. Any cancelled entries are subject to a cancellation fee. No refunds will be made at the event.